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To build the technologically most advanced and ecologically most efficient largest dairy operations following benchmark processes, starting from maintaining excellent health of animals to preserving utmost nutrition for consumers ensuring the best in class value for money for every stake holder of the milk business

Our Strength

India’s top Food FMCG brands trust SONAI Milk and Milk Products speaks volumes of SONAI’s unflinching resolve towards building quality into its products right from the grassroots.


Milk is a super food but it needs even superior effort to bring it to the doorsteps of consumer in a purest form possible. Indapur Dairy and Milk Products Ltd. popularly known as SONAI Dairy took up this challenge in 2002 and since then never looked back even once. With a single minded mission of putting wholesome glass of milk and milk products on the table of every household SONAI employs every modern tool and technology it can get hold of.

Though the beginning was humble and the journey uphill only thing in its favor was immense will. Right from cowshed to consumer, brick by brick, the Herculean task of building the most trustworthy and high performing milk supply chain was commendably achieved by the painstaking efforts of visionary farmer and now a notable business leader Shri Dashrath Mane. Identifying the loop holes and lacunas in traditional milk collection and processing operations, he opted for 100% technology integration to eliminate each and every possibility of milk contamination and adulteration ensuring highest quality of the product throughout the supply chain. SONAI’s investment in technology, training and infrastructure is spread across the catchment area and a visible sign of its firm resolve of uplifting rural economy and welfare of all the stakeholders.

SONAI’s progression from 12 thousand to 30 lakh liters a day is quite an inspiring one especially when one man’s vision became action for thousands of hardworking people. The change, sustainable growth and progress was inevitable!

Today SONAI is a name to internationally reckon with and robustly poised to take giant leaps in the future with next generation leadership taking on reigns of the business.